Concurrent Technologies Announces a 3U VPX Processor with Optical Interface

April 21, 2020
Compute Intensive rugged 3U VPX Server Board
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Concurrent Technologies announces a rugged 3U VPX board for compute intensive applications in accordance with a proposed VITA 65.1 profile that is developed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard. TR J4x/6sd-RCx is Concurrent Technologies first processor board with a 40G Optical Ethernet Interface for high bandwidth and reliable connections. It has been developed as a high performance follow on from the popular TR H4x/3sd-RCx board released in early 2019.

By default, TR J4x/6sd-RCx is fitted with a 12-core Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1559 and 64GB of soldered down DDR4 memory for server grade application and workload consolidation in highly challenging environments.  Alongside the Optical Interconnect (1 x 40GBASE-SR4 or 4 x 10GBASE-SR),TR J4x/6sd-RCx has 2 x 10GBASE-KR Ethernet connections and up to x8 lanes of Gen 3 PCI Express® for high speed point to point connectivity with adjacent accelerator boards.  A front connection with VGA and USB ports allows for easy setup with Linux or Windows™ Server operating systems or hypervisors from vendors like VMware®.

Concurrent Technologies is offering variants fitted with up to 2TB of direct attached storage with options for write protection and self-encryption. Having high capacity on board storage enables intensive data logging applications in a secure environment.  Concurrent Technologies offers several security enhancement utilities, such as Secure Boot and Sanitization, and Guardian, a fully featured security package which can be tailored for specific customer needs.

Jane Annear, Managing Director of Concurrent Technologies, commented:

“Concurrent Technologies is continuing to increase its portfolio of VPX boards to meet the needs and expectations of key users and partners. In this case we are expanding our current portfolio by providing one of the first 3U VPX processor boards with a 40G Optical Ethernet Interface that aligns with new profile requirements, allowing for a new set of capabilities for use in the Military and Defense industries and beyond.”

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