Concurrent Technologies announces a Rugged 3U VPX™ Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Board

Jan. 26, 2022
Assured Position, Navigation and Timing solution for defence applications

Concurrent Technologies announce a rugged 3U VPX™ Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Plug In Card.  Designed in alignment with the SOSA ™ Technical Standard, PR A11/61d-RCR provides resilient PNT data for sensor-based solutions that are used in Electronic Warfare and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance applications.  As a key differentiator, PR A11/61d-RCR is ITAR free and is designed and built in the UK utilising technology licensed from Racelogic, another UK company specialising in positioning data.

In normal operation, PR A11/61d-RCR sources highly accurate PNT data from a built in GNSS receiver and uses this to discipline a Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC).  This, in turn, feeds radial clock signals to the signal processing plug in cards that make up a VPX based sensor subsystem.  In periods of GNSS denial or jamming, accurate PNT data continues to be provided by utilising signals from a built in Inertial Measurement Unit and sophisticated Kalman filtering techniques.  The timing slot on most commercially available backplanes supports one or two 10GBASE-KR pipes and PR A11/61d-RCR is controlled using one or other of these pipes.  Bussed clock signals are also supported for backwards compatibility with older VPX systems.

Dr Miles Adcock, CEO at Concurrent Technologies, commented:

The development of this new PNT plug in card shows that Concurrent Technologies is now investing in products that provide additional differentiated capability alongside our state-of-the-art single board computers.  This product will have universal appeal but was driven by the needs of several lead customers who are looking to Concurrent Technologies to bolster the scope of UK sovereign capability for assured PNT.

Julian Thomas, Managing Director at Racelogic, added:

We have designed and manufactured high precision, resilient position and timing solutions for use in automotive, mining, construction and laboratory environments for over 20 years.  In this case we have provided Concurrent Technologies with a solution that enables their 3U VPX Plug In Card to provide PNT information during long periods of GNSS denial to fit the needs of the defence community.”

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