Courtesy of Avantier Inc
Micro prism

Micro Prism For Precise Light Manipulation Case Study

June 21, 2024


Micro prisms are a key technology in optics, enabling precise light manipulation at very small scales. Micro prisms are tiny optical components made of transparent materials like glass or plastics, with precise surfaces that can refract or reflect light in specific ways. They are often used in various applications such as imaging devices, laser systems, and optical sensors.

The design of micro prisms allows for control over the direction and behavior of light rays at a microscopic level, enabling functionalities like focusing, collimating, or dispersing light. These prisms can be integrated into compact optical systems, making them useful in miniaturized devices such as digital cameras, projectors, and medical instruments.

One common application of micro prisms is in digital cameras and smartphone cameras, where they help improve image quality by correcting aberrations and enhancing focusing capabilities. Additionally, micro prism optical elements are used in laser systems for beam shaping and alignment tasks.

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