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Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
Optical coatings/treatments

Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI)

DSI produces optical thin film coatings. Featuring Flexible Sputtered Coatings, Sunshade Thermal Coating, Long/short Wave Pass, Bandpass Filters, Dark Mirrors, Notch Filters, ...

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Courtesy of Avantier Inc
Optical filters

Case Study: Double Convex Lens for Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

An indirect ophthalmoscope is an instrument commonly used for eye examination, usually consisting of a light source and an imaging system. The light source emits a beam of visible...
Optical filters

Case Study: Long Working Distance Microscope Objective Lens

Key Takeaways: The 50X long working distance microscope objective lens offers high magnification for clear visualization in biomedical and precision testing applications. ...
Optical filters

Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments

Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments with Wavelengths (350-850nm) in Medical Devices Introduction Avantier, a leading custom optics company, recently undertook...
Optical filters

Exploring Applications of Optical Polarization – Part 3

Introduction Optical polarization is a phenomenon where light waves oscillate in a specific direction, leading to various applications across a wide range of fields. Understanding...
Optical filters

Understanding Optical Polarization: Polarizers and Waveplates Explained – Part 2

Polarization is a fundamental property of light, crucial in optics and various applications. It involves the orientation of the electric field vector in a light wave as it propagates...
Optical filters

What is Optical Polarization?

Optical polarization, a crucial aspect of optics, involves intricate interactions between light and matter.  While optical design typically focuses on wavelength and intensity...
Optical filters

Case Study : Large Prisms

 Key Takeaways The article introduces large prisms, which are vital in scientific research, medical imaging, communication, and laser processing.  A project employing...
Satisloh SPS-200
Optical filters

Satisloh SPS-200

Welcome to Avantier, your partner in optical solutions for over five decades. Explore precision optics in our latest video featuring the cutting-edge Satisloh SPS-200. Witness...
Optical filters

Dichroic Edge Pass Filters

Edge filters, also sometimes called dichroic filters, are coatings that include short wave pass and long wave pass filters. Specifically, these coatings transmit one range of ...
Notch Filter Pic
Optical filters

Notch Filters

We are pros at designing, developing, and manufacturing notch filters!

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