Courtesy of Avantier Inc
Optical Domes with flange

Case study: High Precision Domes under High Pressure

June 21, 2024


Optical domes, also known as dome windows, are specialized types of protection windows used in various optical detecting and imaging systems. Optical domes consist of two dome-shape surfaces and allow light rays to pass through with minimal effect on the optical performance of the optical instruments. Optical domes usually are made from durable materials (such as sapphire, fused silica, and tempered BK7 glass ) to protect /cover the camera, lenses, sensors, etc. 

Optical domes typically offer a wider field of view compared to that of flat ports. These domes are commonly used in various applications such as underwater cameras, aircraft navigation systems, surveillance systems, scientific instruments, etc. Optical domes also play a vital role in protecting optical systems while ensuring optimal performance in various applications that require transparent enclosures.

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