Small, power-efficient inertial navigation and guidance units for unmanned vehicles introduced by VectorNav

Aug. 13, 2020
Devices support external selective availability anti-spoofing module (SAASM) GPS for defense applications in ISR, EW, munitions, and unmanned vehicles.

DALLAS – VectorNav Technologies LLC in Dallas is introducing the VectorNav Tactical Embedded line of inertial products for autonomous pointing and geo-referencing applications like gimballed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); satellite communications (SATCOM) systems; laser detection and ranging (LiDAR) mapping; and photogrammetry.

Featuring a tactical-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a multi-band global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers, the Tactical Embedded delivers milliradian attitude accuracy and centimeter-level positioning capability in a 15-gram package.

VectorNav’s Tactical Embedded line features support for an external selective availability anti-spoofing module (SAASM) GPS for defense applications in ISR, electronic warfare (EW), munitions, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) navigation.

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The Tactical Embedded is designed and engineered at VectorNav’s AS9100-certified facility in Dallas, and includes the VN-110E IMU/AHRS, the VN-210E GNSS-Aided INS, and the VN-310E Dual Antenna GNSS/INS.

Highlights of the navigation and guidance products include 0.05-0.1-degree heading; 0.015-degree pitch and roll; 1-meter horizontal and 1.5-meter vertical position accuracy; 1-centimeter real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning accuracy; less than 1-degree per hour gyro in-run bias; less than 10-micro G accel in-run bias; 184 channel L1/L2/E1/E5b GNSS receiver; support for external RTK, post-processed kinematic (PPK), and SAASM GPS; update rates of 800 Hz IMU and 400 Hz navigation; measures 1.2 by 1.2 by 0.4 inches; and uses less than 480 milliamps of power at 3.3 volts.

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