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Deploying Assured Position, Navigation & Timing (A-PNT)

From directions when you’re driving, to the exact timing of stock trades, and the guidance of precision weapons, an accurate sense of position, the ability to navigate and synchronise...
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Thermal Technologies Expo USA 2022 Cleveland, Ohio, August 29 - 31

Aug. 29, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2022
CLEVELAND - Thermal Technologies Expo brings together senior engineers and decision makers with suppliers of thermal systems and materials to discuss the latest innovations and...
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Master Bond Inc

Flame Retardant Epoxy Systems

Oct. 1, 2018
Master Bond flame retardant adhesives, sealants and coatings pass stringent federal aviation regulation testing, Boeing, as well as Airbus Flame Smoke & Toxicity (FST) test standards...
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Mercury Systems

Miniaturization of EW Microelectronics for Self-Protecting Weapons

March 27, 2018
The miniaturization of microelectronics for electronic warfare presents a new opportunity for the defense community. By embedding this advanced capability within a missile or ...
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Kontron America

Why VME Successfully Lives On

March 13, 2018
New 6U VME SBCs Enable Refresh that Limits Technology Change Risks. The venerable VME bus solders on with a new generation of computing products designed to extend the life and...
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Kontron America

COMe Modules Deliver Outstanding Computing Performance

March 5, 2018
COMe systems can operate in tough temperature and shock/vibration environments such as track vehicle, helicopters, and high-altitude UAVs. Find out why COMe has rapidly become...