Optical coatings/treatments

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Optical coatings/treatments

Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI)

DSI produces optical thin film coatings. Featuring Flexible Sputtered Coatings, Sunshade Thermal Coating, Long/short Wave Pass, Bandpass Filters, Dark Mirrors, Notch Filters, ...
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Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
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Adhesives, encapsulants and bondings

Master Bond

Master Bond custom formulates adhesives, sealants and coatings for structural bonding and electronic applications for aerospace and defense manufacturers, for over 45 years.

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Optical coatings/treatments

Dark Mirror Coatings

Absorption coatings absorb incident light, rather than reflecting or transmitting it. Thus, they simultaneously exhibit both the low transmittance of a metal blocking filter and...
Optical coatings/treatments

Case Study – Large OAP Mirrors

Customized Large Optics by Avantier: Meeting Unique Needs with Precision and Quality In the ever-evolving world of optical technology, the demand for customized large optics ...
Optical coatings/treatments

Germanium Products

Avantier Inc. pioneers in Germanium Lenses, offering a diverse array of optics enhanced with anti-reflection coatings. Tailored for thermal imaging and FTIR spectroscopy, these...