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Design engineering

Dawn VME Products

Founded in 1985, Dawn is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of mission critical products based on the VITA™ and PICMG® architectures. Military Rugged. Field Reliable...
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Data-acquisition boards

Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems is a technology company that makes the world a safer, more secure place. We push processing power to the tactical edge, making the latest commercial technologies...
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Embedded computers

Atrenne Computing Solutions

Atrenne, a Celestica company, is an advanced, vertically-integrated, component and custom systems provider serving aerospace, defense, computing, communications, and other technology...
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Communications/network controllers

Elma Electronic

Elma Electronic provides mission critical equipment for demanding defense programs across the world.
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Components - Enclosures and chassis

LCR Embedded Systems

LCR Embedded Systems is a supplier of rugged packaging and components for the defense and aerospace industry. For over 35 years our products have served critical applications ...

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Components - Enclosures and chassis

SIR-6500 Shock Isolated EMI Shielded Equipment Rack

17U height of 19 inch EIA-310 rack space. Payloads to 250 lbs. Provides mains power entry, cooling, generous I/O panel space.
Global Hawk Usaf
Components - Enclosures and chassis

Meeting the Custom Engineering Requirements of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Chassis designs for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) programs have unique characteristics and considerations compared to other applications. Here are some aspects that make chassis...
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Components - Enclosures and chassis

ATR-3600S datasheet: 3U SOSA-aligned rugged ATR

ATR-3600S is an off-the-shelf half-ATR specifically designed for deployable applications requiring alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard.
Cap005568 Half Atr Angledright
Components - Enclosures and chassis

ATR-3600S - half-ATR for deployable applications aligned to SOSA

ATR-3600S is an off-the-shelf half-ATR specifically designed for deployable applications requiring alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard.
Esp A 8690 Nr Sosa Half Atr 16x9 Copy
Components - Enclosures and chassis

Off-the-shelf rugged half-ATR now SOSA-aligned and ready for deployable applications

Elma Electronic has released a rugged, short 1/2 ATR that is designed for deployable applications requiring alignment with The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture.
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Components - Enclosures and chassis

SAVE System Integration Development Chassis

The DK3-SAVE is a development chassis for the test and integration of SAVE compliant systems intended for deployment in army ground vehicles. Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope...
Components - Enclosures and chassis

3D Printed Chassis – The Future of Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

Most of the electronic systems chassis deployed on today’s aerospace and defense platforms are made from aluminum alloys, with metal sections joined by dip-brazing or a bolting...
Dawn Atr 5700
Components - Enclosures and chassis

ATR-5700 6-slot 3U VPX Rugged Air Cooled Enclosure

Air cooled 6-slot 3U VPX rugged enclosure with integral 6-channel intelligent 600W power supply.
Components - Enclosures and chassis

DEV-4200 3U OpenVPX up to 8-slot Development System

Available for convection and conduction cooled boards. OpenVPX 3U up to 8 slot development system. Specifically supports OpenVPX and VPX REDI 3U boards and modules. Portable, ...
16 Slot Chassis
Components - Enclosures and chassis

16-Slot OpenVPX Development Chassis

Pre-qualified, 16-Slot OpenVPX Development Chassis with customizable backplane, 3x fans, compact aluminum design and I/O supports multiple configurations for radar, electronic...
6 Slot Chassis
Components - Enclosures and chassis

6-Slot OpenVPX Development Chassis

Pre-qualified, 6-Slot OpenVPX Development Chassis with customizable backplane, fans, low-profile aluminum design and I/O supports rapid prototyping of radar, electronic warfare...
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Components - Enclosures and chassis

4-Slot OpenVPX Air Flow-By Chassis

Rugged 4-slot 6U OpenVPX Air Flow-By (VITA 48.7) development chassis with payload and power supply slots, 2.5" SSD storage pocket in base, and moisture/dust protection provides...
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Components - Enclosures and chassis

Datasheet: 4-slot Air-Flow-By Rugged Chassis 6U OpenVPX Developmental System Building Block with Customizable Backplane

To build ready-to-deploy, function-rich processing subsystems, begin development with a pre-qualified and tested Air Flow-By™ (AFB) rugged chassis.
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Components - Enclosures and chassis

Dawn VPX Cube Enclosures

Rugged, conduction cooled 1 to 6 slot 3U VPX with 6 channel intelligent 400 Watt power supply.
Acs 716 Series 1200 610711 778x600
Components - Enclosures and chassis

716 Series ATR

Flexible, lightweight ATR specially designed for maximum cooling in airborne applications
Mercury Now Vodcast 750x410
Components - Enclosures and chassis

Meet the new 8257A SOSA aligned development system

Get to know the new 8257A SOSA aligned development system, debuted live at the 59th Annual AOC International Symposium. This single-slot 3U VPX development chassis features SMA...
Sosa Blog 2
Components - Enclosures and chassis

Why SOSA® is driving the future course of embedded military electronics

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) issued a mandate to incorporate Open Systems Architecture principles within procurement requirements for defense hardware and software...
Ru Sh™ Monitors
Components - Enclosures and chassis

RuSH™ Monitors

Very popular, unique, user-friendly multi-functional enclosure monitoring and control system. Monitors and controls system voltages and temperatures remotely.
Rme 6430
Components - Enclosures and chassis

RME-6430 3U VPX 2-16 slots Rack Mount Enclosure

Dawn’s RME-6430 was designed specifically to meet the stringent power and cooling needs of high slot count VPX systems.
Ccg 6860
Components - Enclosures and chassis

CCG-6860 conduction-cooled card guide introduced by Dawn VME

Conduction cooled card guide for Dawn DC-(n) Series air cooled development chassis. Revolutionary design allows for up to 175 watts per slot of conduction cooling.
2 Slot Product Award Text Sm 768x402
Components - Enclosures and chassis

LCR RTS-210 Test Systems Wins Top Honors

LCR’s RTS-210 received top honors (Platinum level) from the 2022 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award Program.
Deployed E1669657883978 300x204
Components - Enclosures and chassis

HPEC at the Edge – ISR / EW Applications

HPEC at the Edge – ISR/EW ApplicationsFor HPEC requirements at the tactical edge, this dual slot integrated system addresses demanding RADAR, SIGINT, EW and EA applications. The...

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