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Design and development tools

MultiCore Plus MathPack Scientific Libraries

MultiCore Plus MathPack scientific libraries for signal, image and data processing support heterogeneous computation resources (CPUs, GPUs) in a single application.
Diagnostic Support Tools
Design and development tools

BIT System Boot Diagnostic Support Tools

Proven Built-in-Test (BIT) system boot, diagnostics and testing tool for system-wide fault detection across modules, backplanes, OS and applications during development to improve...
Ta Curve Speed Blog
Design and development tools

Bringing AI into the Defense Landscape

Lagging behind adversaries in the global AI race means the loss of tactical or operational advantage. Learn how Mercury’s open and modular design approach enables rapid modernization...
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Design and development tools

Datasheet: MultiCore Plus MathPack - Exploit optimized and portable Scientific Libraries for Intel, PowerPC and NVIDIA parallel processors

Signal, image and data processing applications demand the greatest performance achievable from the processor. Mercury’s Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL) is a collection of over...

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